Add reordering for expenses

Hi! Using the app for more than a year now, and I find it very useful for me.
But sometimes it’s a little bit confusing to review my expenses when I add expenses in wrong order, so it would be great if I could have some possibility to reorder the expenses for one single day.
For example, I have planned future expense for a Hotel in Monaco for some day, that I start in Ukraine, rushing through the city buses to catch my flight to Italy, and going with trains and buses via France to Monaco in the evening (yes, I did this, just in case, so it’s not some fictional problem). The expenses I didn’t had time to log or something that I forgot to log and had added in the evening, are placed on the top of the day in the expenses list. More than that, the hotel expense is placed first, because it was pre-planned. So I have mix of the expenses from four different countries in the order I have added them (which is a mess), not linked with the real time of the expense.
It could be just a tap-and-hold to change the order. Another way of achieving this would be adding the optional “Time” field to the expense, which would be pre-filled by the time of adding the expense (or, say, 00:00 for future expenses). As far as I understand, you may already have this field, but hidden, so this may be quite easy to implement.