Comment box in expense


Hi Jonas,

We’re on a world trip and we love your app. It’s so helpful, but we have to ideas for later updates.

  1. A share cost in % for all shared user
  2. A comment box in the expense, so you can write an individual to each expense. This would be so helpful for me

Thanks in advance
Bye raphael


Hi Raphael,
Thank you very much for your feedback! :blush:

  1. Cost splitting is high up on my list. I’m planning to add this soon. :+1:
  2. Is the “Notes” field not sufficient for you? How would a comment field be different?


I agree with the extra comment field. Noted to me is only a title i put for the expense ie. petrol
But then (as in some places petrol price changes) i needed to add how much i paid per litter.
So if there was a field to put comments, this would be perfect to put it there.
But I would make the comments fields as an option to add to an expense rather than having it as an extra visible field to all new expenses by default


Yes e.g. Or in our case, if we sleep in different accommodations, so we can write don’t hotel or hostel and the name