Feature to split cost between freinds

First of all, thanks for creating such a great app.
I am really enjoying using it. I have already listed details of many of my old trips on it. It would be nice to have the following features in the app.

  1. While adding an expense during a group trip, there can be an option to select the members with whom I want to split the cost.
  2. At the end, the App should be able to calculate who owes whom, how much.
  3. Also finally, a listing of the total expense for each member would be nice.

Right now, the app by default assumes that the expense gets split between each member equally.

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I would also use this feature.

These are awesome ideas! It would be like having tricount in the travel spend!
I’m sure it’s not an easy implementation but it would make the app more powerful

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This has finally been implemented :partying_face:
Here is an article about how cost splitting works in TravelSpend.