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I’m Jonas, the developer of TravelSpend. I’ve started building the app during a six month trip together with my girlfriend around Southeast Asia. When we embarked on this adventure we realized that we’d need to keep track of our travel expenses somehow to make sure our budget would actually last for six months. :money_with_wings: So we tried different budgeting apps but weren’t really happy with any of them. So I decided to build my own budgeting app for travelers like us.

Now it’s your turn. Tell us a little bit about yourself, and your travel adventures. :wink:


Hi :raising_hand_woman:

My name is Tammy, and i live in Johannesburg, South Africa, known as one of the most dangerous cities in the world. Nonetheless, it is a beautiful country, full of diversity!

Im 28, a capricorn, wear a size 5 shoe, have 4 cats, have 27 tattoos and my toothbrush is pink.

I don’t like olives and im team #pineapplesonpizza :pizza:


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hey, im Shiva and i was using monefy for my walk from Lisbon all the way down to spain and than trough the east coast back up again. That app was okey, but i was sold when i saw your app that had a DAILY BUDGET! that blew my mind! great asset! I dont know how it coms to the number its showing, but i started a chat for that and i know you will explane it to me. i like to see the app evolve into something amazing!

greets from Portugal and soon spain.



Welcome on board Shiva! :wave::slightly_smiling_face:


I’m Jay and I’m currently on a world trip. We’ve been traveling and using travelspend for about five months now, across 7 countries so far. The app is great, I like the features and really appreciate all the work and effort spend in creating it!

I do have some remarks as well, see question section :slight_smile:

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Hey, I’m Daniel, a fellow software developer from Germany, who just wasn’t really happy with any other app out there. I have grown to use splitwise a lot for group trips, but it simply wasn’t working for my use case now. Doing a gap year, having been to Africa for six weeks and now trying to cover as much of South America as possible. I’m a huge sucker for statistics and crunching numbers, so that’s really the main reason for me to use this app besides having an idea of the overall spending.

I really look forward to the continued development and if I can help in any way, just give me a shout. :wink:

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Hey guys, I’m Anna
My partner and I have just quit our jobs to travel full time. Our money should last us 4 years if we stick to budget! Easier said than done!
We are currently in Costa Rica and our plans are to keep going south.
I love budgeting and managing money. I was previously using another app, but decided to try this one out and I love it!


Hey all,

I’m Steve and looking forward to using this new app on my motorcycle adventures… Currently heading out with the ever-so-delightful Marina on a long cross United Stated tour, then in the fall heading to Central and South America! More feedback when I leave in a couple of weeks…budget is important!

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Hallo mein Name ist Riki. Wir sind viel unterwegs - per Motorrad, Wohnmobil, Flugzeug und Mietauto. Oftmals kommen wir auf einer Reise durch mehrere Länder mit verschiedenen Währungen. Da ich auch zuhause unsere Finanzen stets festhalte, möchte ich selbstverständlich auch auf Reisen nicht den Überblick verlieren. Als alleonreisendes Ehepaar ist es nicht so wichtig, die Kosten auf mehrere verschiedene Personen aufzuteilen, wohl aber auf einfachem Weg wechselnden Währungen aufzuzeichnen. Bis jetzt hatte ich noch keine annähernd entsprechende App gefunden. Schaua mal wie’s läuft. Anfangai geht’s los
LG Riki

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Hola , soy Estela de Argentina, preparando mi viaje a Europa!!!Saludos a la comunidad!!

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I am Bahram from Iran. Annafjordan
You can try Iran as well.
I guess it fit your budget.

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My Trip to Shiraz, Iran in April 2019.

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I am Julien from France. I have started my world tour last week withTravelSpend. Only 7 days and I already love the app.
Hope that development will continue to provide us more features.

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Hi Jonas, Thanks for creating such a helpful app. I always like to track my expenses when I travel and usually create an excel spreadsheet, but this is so much easier. I looked into several apps, but I especially like the simplicity of your app. And the daily expenses view.

My next trip is driving across the USA from San Francisco to Washington DC. I am also using TripIt for all my reservations, but the expenses are horrible since I am not flying or traveling for business.

I am located in Bishop, California…an international vacation destination that most Californians have never heard of. LOL.


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Thanks for you kind words Kate. I’m glad TravelSpend is useful to you! :slight_smile:
I hope you have a great trip! :airplane: