Two ideas for the app!


Hi there! First of all, thank you so much for this app, it’s intuitive and has been a great help for our trip so far!
After using it for some days, we have two ideas that would make us love this app even more:

  1. A toggle to “Exclude future dates for daily budget”. When adding accomodations for future dates, our daily budget gets adjusted. For us it would make more sense if our daily budget was a constant that was calculated by total amount of money divided by number of days, it did this until we added future expenses.

  2. See how far behind or ahead we are compared to our budget per today. The daily average tells us only the average spending, not the accumulated plus/minus for all days until today. It would be awesome if we could see the accumulated amount of money we were behind or ahead up until today! :slight_smile: example: 10 days with 1000 USD total budget. Day 1: spent 80 USD, day 2: spent 90 USD. This would show us that we are 30 dollars ahead of budget. The reason that this would be so convenient is that we would at any point in time know whether we should save more or if we can spend more, and it gets tedious to do the math ourselves by using the daily average and daily budget:)

Thank you again for this great app, and hope you will take some of these ideas into consideration! :tada:


This would be awesome actually! I would love to see these two ideas implemented too :slight_smile:


Hey, thanks for your input and sorry for my late reply.

  1. This is now the default behavior. Your daily budget is not adjusted anymore when you add future expenses. Does the current implementation work for you?
  2. The daily metrics include a “accumulated surplus” now which does what you describe. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’d love to hear some feedback from you. Does the current implementation work well for you?


Yep the current implementation is perfect, the budget being fixed makes more sense and seeing the surplus/deficit is also very helpful! :slight_smile:
We are super happy with the app!

A few things I noticed, that are not too big of a deal:

  1. If the app lags when saving an expense, it is possible to create a duplicate. This is done by pressing create expense twice before the window closes.
  2. The app seems to be starting up from scratch everytime it is in the background on Android (OnPause), this might be for battery optimization? It was easier to switch between apps before, but this is no biggie.



I’m trying to understand what you meant in your first point. I actually would like to be able to create a duplicate of a spending but I can’t see an option to do so right now.
Did you find a way to do it?


If you press the check mark twice really fast when creating an expense, it’s possible to create a duplicate. I’m sure this is not the intended behavior tho :slight_smile: