Daily average won’t calculate


I have used the app for about 3 weeks and the daily average still won’t calvulate for my trip. It says 0$ despite the total budget of the trip on the left being accurate. I also don’t see features like the ability to split expenses among days. I bought the premium membership thinking that was maybe why it didn’t work with no luck. I am using the app with an iPhone 8 that is updated. Any suggestions as to why I don’t have access to those features?


Hi Lauren,

Can you please double check your trip dates? It sounds like they are wrong. This can cause the daily average to be off. You can edit your trip by going to the trips overview and then tapping ‘edit’ on a trip.

I’m sorry some features are not yet available in the iPhone app. This is because TravelSpend started as an Android app. But I’m working on adding any missing features to the iPhone app as soon as possible. On the bright side, the iPhone app is currently quite a bit cheaper as it has less premium features.