Daily budget confusion

Hi, I love this app and just started a trip yesterday. The app has calculated my daily budget as $242. Yesterday I only spent $161, today $248. None of these expenses are spread over time or excluded from the daily average. The app is saying that I have $105 left today. I’m unsure how that’s the case as I have spent $6 over the limit today. I had assumed that spending under or over just affected the daily average going forward. Am I missing something? Thanks, Mel.

Hello everyone. I think the daily average calculation still does not work. Since my trip is supposed to start in a month. When calculating the rest of the budget, everything is normal, but the balance of the daily expenditure relates to the balance of the original budget without reducing the cost of preparing the trip, such as airline tickets, hotels, insurance fees and more. If you can arrange it, it will be excellent.

Hi @Mel55 I’m glad you like the app. :slight_smile: The amount ‘LEFT’ of your daily budget is the difference between your daily budget and your daily average. So it’s not what’s left of your daily budget today but rather how much your daily average spend can go up before it exceeds the budgeted daily average. Does this make sense to you? :slight_smile:

@Amit, did you mark your pre-trip excluded from your daily average? That should do the trick. :slight_smile:

Hello Jones.
Thank you for your response, but please let me know how and where I mark the expense of preparing for a trip in one payment rather than a few payments.
Thanks and a wonderful New Year to all of us.

In any way, the daily expenses must always be tied to the main budget, and the resulting average daily balance and spent balance is the balance of the total planned budget of the trip. It seems to me that this is not the case. Goodbye, amit

Jonas Hello.
I apologize, I found the spend button on the pre-trip, it seems to me that it works fine.
Thanks for the investment.

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