Different Budgets For Countries Within A Trip

I think I might have already asked this but I can’t find it so I’ll ask again…

Obviously if you’re on a long, multi-country trip, each country will have a different daily budget. Would there be any possible way to include this somewhere? Or would you simply have to set up a new trip for each country thus losing your overall statistics? For example, on our last big trip we visited five countries with daily budgets ranging from £20 per day in Indonesia to £30 per day in Borneo.

Also, would it be possible to do reoccurring payments for things such as accommodation? I know you can split a payment over several days but it’d be handy to know if, for example, you were staying five nights in one hotel you could enter the nightly rate on the first night and just ask the app to repeat it for five days.

I adore the app, btw. I used to use BudgetYourTrip but the lack of an offline app frustrated me. This is exactly what I’ve been looking for :slight_smile: