Few comments (wishes)


I am new here. I used Trip Splitter app on IOS and I moved to Android so I bought the full version of TravelSpend app.
I like it. I also installed TrabeePocket that has some positive things like The left bar with All costs, Preparation, and then day by day.

Few things I miss in TraveSpend

  1. What you call notes, should be title: ex. Car Booking
  2. It would be nice to have notes: ex. I prepaid for it. It is a medium size and the booking URL is (linkable)…

I expected the addition of people to the trip to be useful, and it is not that useful. In my Trip Splitter app in iOS, any entry could be assigned to different people and split the cost equally or not. It was very convenient. I could add an expense to myself or even track everybody’s expenses (same up here with TraveSpend) but also the shared stuff, and at the end of trip or at any moment you could know who had to give how much to who.

This was what I was expecting when I paid for the full version. WIth TravelSpend you can basically track everybody’s expenses but then you have to do the maths for who owes what to who.