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It looks like when I create a custom category it becomes a subcategory under “Other” on the chart that appears under “Statistics”. Are we able to create our own subcategories?

For example, can I do something like:

— Liquor



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Why some categories appear as (others) on the statistics chart? Any way to change that to display all categories on the chart?

Hi there, categories are grouped in “Other” if they make up less than 5%of your total spend. The app only does this to not clutter the pie chart too much and keep it simple. :slightly_smiling_face:

I have been using the app through my trip in south america and about 2-3 days ago, after i changed my phone’s language to portuguese and then back to english, my categories remained in portuguese.
Everything else is in english.
Is there any way to fix this?

Hi, I think we can help you with this. Can you please contact us using the in-app chat?

When exporting to csv I can’t see any indication if a transaction is an income or expense. Is it possible to enable that somehow?

Hi Simon, sorry for the super late reply. We’ve now released an update that adds this information to the CSV export. Let me know what you think. :slight_smile:

I really like your app, I’ve used it already for 4 different trips.
There are few development ideas:

  • add multiple pictures; sometimes I add the photo of the bill but it would be nice to add a picture for example of the dish we ate, for comparison reasons
  • scanning barcodes to get a list view of the products bought, for example groceries (less important)
  • option to see average costs per location, this will definitely help planning future trips
  • choosing the cover photo by search, for example by country name (less important)
  • option to go back: if I use now the back button on my phone, it kicks me out of the app. I sometimes forget to use the hamburger sign.
  • there’s a bug with calculations but I already sent you a message about that previously.


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The split feature ia realy good.
Is there a possibility to show the cost of a trip just for ourself ( and not the global cost of the travel for the group) ?

I wanted to use your app for friend trip but everyone want to have have his own spend.

Thanks for this wonderful App by the way :smiley:

Hi Jonas,
Would it be possible to integrate a manual update trigger when all the expenses are listed and you pull the list down?

Reason: when we add expenses from multiple devices, the list (new entries from other device) is only synced when I add a new expense.

Thanks in advance,

Hi Tommy, are you using the app on Android or iOS? Usually it should refresh automatically.

Hi, unfortunately that’s not possible. For this I would recommend to create separate trips.

Using Android here. On both devices.