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We are using TravelSpend on a long-term trip through South America, and after three months we consider it as one of our best traveling companions. Great app!

I work by creating a new trip for each new country we visit, and keep track of the total amount spent in a separate trip. However, I updated the app this morning and noticed some changes in the daily budget calculation of our ongoing trips. For example, in the ‘overall trip’, we have a budget of €28000 for one year, which equals €76 per day. Until yesterday, this was indeed the daily budget calculated by the app. Since this morning, however, this budget has dropped to €60 per day.

It took me a while to figure out, but we had some expenses scheduled for next week - a flight, some nights paid ahead - and I already included these in the app. When I set the date of these expenses to today, the daily average bounces back to €76, and all is well.

I see that this update fixed some issues with pre- and post-trip expenses. However, the future expenses mentioned here are still before the end date I set for the trip. As I understand it, these future expenses are now subtracted from the total amount that can be spent before the daily budget is calculated. We often pay in advance for some nights, and this function is also included in the app with the ‘spread over multiple days’ option, so it would be great if such expenses would not influence the daily budget of a trip. I wonder whether this change has been intentional?

Thank you!


i have a question as well. im loged in as anonymes but i like to make a account now so i my phone dies its back up’t but if i log out will my data be gone?? or can i safely log out and make a real account and login again?


Hi Jorun, yes I have changed the rules for calculating the daily average. Some users have actually complained and requested to not include future expenses in the daily average. It’s interesting to hear that you’d prefer them to be included. :slight_smile: Maybe I should offer some configuration for this. :thinking:
What do you think?


Hello Shiva, if you log out from your anonymous account and create a new account you will lose the data you’ve already entered. If you contact me on I can maybe help you migrate to a new account. :slight_smile:



Thanks for the quick response! I think I liked it better when they were included in the daily average, because now it gives the false sense that you are spending less than you actually are. Which is probably why other people like it that way :)!

Anyway, I realize this is personal, and I happily adapt to the new version (good incentive to make less future expenses!). But if more people feel this way perhaps you can add a tick box in the ‘edit trip’ menu, letting people decide whether future expenses should be included?


Hi Jorunn, I agree it’s a matter of taste. At the moment future expenses are also subtracted from your budgeted daily average. This way the app would still warn you if you’re adding too many future expenses.

I’ll probably add a setting to disable this at some point. :+1:


Ich hoffe es ist okay auf Deutsch zu schreiben. Kann meine Anmerkungen natürlich gern noch Mal auf Englisch beschreiben.
Zunächst: tolle App, super übersichtlich und schön gestaltet.
Nun sind mir ein paar Dinge aufgefallen und ich wollte sie Mal anmerken, ich hoffe hier ist dafür der Ort.

  1. Das vielfach angemerkte Teilen zwischen Gruppenmitgliedern (extern sowie intern). Hier wäre es noch cool, wenn diese Funktion nicht auf eine gleichmäßige 50/50 Aufteilung beschränkt wäre, sondern sich anpassen ließe.
  2. Befindet man sich in einer angelegten Reise und will (wie es mir häufig passiert) zwischen den Reisen switchen und drückt dabei den zurück-button so beendet sich die App. Wäre es nicht möglich die Reiseübersicht als Startseite zu verwenden? Es würde auch reichen, wenn ein “zurück” den Klick oben ins Menü ersetzen würde.
  3. Die Funktionen des Verteilens über mehrere Tage ist genial, aber…
    3.a) Einmal erstellte Ausgaben lassen sich nicht nachträglich auf mehrere Tage aufteilen
    3.b) Aufgeteilte Ausgaben hängen nicht mehr zusammen sobald man sie speichert, heißt man muss jede einzeln ändern, sollte man sich z.B. verschrieben haben.

Wie gesagt nur ein paar Dinge die mir aufgefallen sind und die sich sicher gut in der App machen würden.

Now English:
Some comments about your otherwise brilliant app

  1. Sharing between persons in the group 50/50 and should not be limited to equal payment rather add the possibility of unequal shares (eg. 70/30).
  2. Overview over the trips as the starting screen of the app because “back” leaves the app.
    3.a) Once saved expences cannot be changed to “spread over time”
    3.b) Once saved expences over time aren’t connected, so that you have to change each one separately.


Dear Naolin,

Thank you very much for your detailed feedback! :blush:
Some of the points you mention have been brought up by others as well. I’ve added them all to my backlog of feature requests and will hopefully implement them at some point soon. :+1:

Vielen Dank :wink:


Hi Jonas,
I recently tried your app and I do like it and I use it for professional purpose, however, could you eventually please add a income function?
Like a function that allows you to get an income on the budget? Maybe it’s already on the app and I haven’t seen it.


Hi, you can actually add negative amounts to add income. I’m planning to improve this functionality in the future. :slight_smile:


Hi … firstly l think this is a brilliant App. I am doing a 3 month trip through Eastern Europe. Just wish l had it last year when l travelled for 18 months.
Anyway when l set it up I had no idea what my budget would be taking into account all expenses … how do l change the budget amount?


Hi Christine, I’m very happy you like TravelSpend! :hugs:
Changing your budget is actually easy. Just tap on your trip name in the top and then tap ‘Edit’ in the 3-dot-menu of your trip.