Ideas/questions: time of expense, subcategories, filtering improvements, expenses view

Hi! First of all, thanks for the great application!
I have a couple of ideas, that could make TravelSpend even better (at least, for me :slightly_smiling_face:).

  1. It would be great to have ‘Time’ field for the expenses. Sometimes I forget to add an expense, and after adding it, it becomes the last expense of the day. I would like to have the ability to order expenses in the way they had been actually made.

  2. Maybe, this is already implemented in Premium (if yes - I would purchase it right now), but. I would like to have subcategories, like, Hostel/Hotel/AirBnB inside of Accommodation, Public/Taxi in Transportation, Water/Beer/Spirits in Drinks, etc. So, this way the statistic will be more helpful for me.

  3. Don’t know if this is a bug or just not implemented yet, but, after selecting one country from multi-country trip in Stats, and then tapping on some category, the Search view opens with right Category filter turned on, but without the Country filter. I would like it to be selected.

  4. Sometimes I want to find some specific expense and the day it was made on. After finding it in Search, all I can do is scroll down the Expenses list. Wouldn’t it be good to have something like ‘Jump to this day’ in the expense itself?

  5. Also, it would be great to have ‘Jump to date’ just in the expenses list. And, I think, for the Search view, it could be useful to have filtering by dates - After date and Before date.

  6. Seems like last, but not the least. Scrolling down the expenses list to find some date or expense even for a month-long trip is not so enjoyable experience (see points 5 and 6). Could it be more convenient to add another Expenses view, with a horizontal stripe with dates in the header and the exenses list to show only the selected day expenses?
    Or, maybe, just add a ‘Collapse/Expand all’ button and the days to be collapsible on tap (leaving just the date and amount spent).

Actually, this is a third edition of this post, hope this one is the most clear and understandable. Anyway, even if you’re not going to implement these things - I will appreciate your thoughts on this.
Thank you,