In app messaging is not working

Hi there,

I have tried to send a message with the in app messaging function. I wrote the message and sent it. After that, I see a notification below my message that the app tries to send it. After a while though, the app notifies me below the message that it could not been sent. There is also an advice to tap on it (what exactly?) to try again sending the message. But I can tap on the whole screen and nothing happens.

Now I have two messages which are stuck in the in app messaging. What can I do?


Hi Tandeki,

I’m sorry you’re having trouble with the in-app messaging. So I can answer your questions please get in touch with me via email:

I’m not sure why the in-app messaging is not working for you. Did you try it on a different network connection or after restarting the app?

Hi Jonas,

I have tried several things to get it working:

  1. Restarted the app
  2. Restarted the phone
  3. Wrote a follow up message
  4. Tried different networks (various WLAN and different provider with 4G access)
  5. Tried it in two different countries
  6. Tapped every inch of the screen

Especially the last problem is a mystery to me. When a message is not sent, the app writes below this message something like “message could not be sent, tip to try again”. But as I said, I have pressed my finger on every inch of the screen. Like when you play an adventure and are desperately searching for a hot spot. But no matter where I press my finger, nothing happens. I mean, I expected the app to at least try to resend the message at some point. Even when it fails. But currently it seems as this “tip here to try again” function is not existing, at all!?

And thanks for the e-mail address. I will use it for my stuck inquiries.


Same for me. Messages are stuck.

Unfortunately, until now I received no reaction to my e-mail inquiry from nearly a month ago. So for me, not only the in app messaging is not working, now my inquiries are ignored, too.

Is there something I can do besides being annoyed? :wink:

I’m very sorry. Somehow your email slipped through. I’ve responded to your email now. :slight_smile:

Got it! Thank you for your response. :slight_smile: