Suggestion - work around for shared expenses


Hello. I purchased the premium version to track expenses between my friend and myself. As you indicated, there is no “repayment” option, so I came up with a work around.

First, I created a new trip called (friend) & (friend) expenses, so that the following entries don’t affect the actual expense/budget in the real trip. Then, I created a new category called “I owe {my friend}” (for example). She gave me $300 for cash to be used on our trip, since she doesn’t have an ATM card that works well internationally and I do. So I added the $300 to that category. Then when I gave her local currency, I added it as a NEGATIVE expense to the same category and now I can keep track of how much I still owe her back. I’m glad your app allows NEGATIVE expense. So, until you develop that feature in the app, maybe others can use this concept in a similar fashion.

So, for example, if we share a dinner, I would have to make 2 entries…one using the category restaurant for my 1/2 of the dinner (in the “real” trip) and a second (in the trip called Friend and Friend Expenses) in the category of “A owes B” for the other half, depending on who paid. Most likely, you would have to create a category called “B owes A” as well depending on who paid, but at least then you can see who owes who more and settle up at the end.

I hope this helps some others since I really like your app, but this feature would be really useful.!

Oh, and by the way, your currency conversions are SPOT ON! I compared what your app said it would cost in dollars, and BOTH on credit card expenses and an ATM withdrawal your app had the same amount, to the penny, as that which showed up on my statements. Great job!