Upload image to a spend


Is it possible to add an option of taking an picture or uploading a picture to every spend? Sometimes it’s good to keep photos of the receipts


Yes this has been requested many times already and I am planning to add this. It’s quite a lot of work though as the pictures would probably have to be uploaded to the server and synchronized for shared trips. That makes it hard to build and to maintain. Nevertheless, I also think this is useful and I’ll try to find a good solution.


That would be awesome! Thanks


I wonder if a single image per expense would be sufficient or if many people would want to upload multiple images per expense. That would make this harder to build. :thinking:


Hard to say. if making an option for more than one is much harder, one image would be much better than zero :wink:


Good news :tada:: New feature: Attach photos 📸 (on Android)