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Hi Jorunn, I agree it’s a matter of taste. At the moment future expenses are also subtracted from your budgeted daily average. This way the app would still warn you if you’re adding too many future expenses.

I’ll probably add a setting to disable this at some point. :+1:

Ich hoffe es ist okay auf Deutsch zu schreiben. Kann meine Anmerkungen natürlich gern noch Mal auf Englisch beschreiben.
Zunächst: tolle App, super übersichtlich und schön gestaltet.
Nun sind mir ein paar Dinge aufgefallen und ich wollte sie Mal anmerken, ich hoffe hier ist dafür der Ort.

  1. Das vielfach angemerkte Teilen zwischen Gruppenmitgliedern (extern sowie intern). Hier wäre es noch cool, wenn diese Funktion nicht auf eine gleichmäßige 50/50 Aufteilung beschränkt wäre, sondern sich anpassen ließe.
  2. Befindet man sich in einer angelegten Reise und will (wie es mir häufig passiert) zwischen den Reisen switchen und drückt dabei den zurück-button so beendet sich die App. Wäre es nicht möglich die Reiseübersicht als Startseite zu verwenden? Es würde auch reichen, wenn ein “zurück” den Klick oben ins Menü ersetzen würde.
  3. Die Funktionen des Verteilens über mehrere Tage ist genial, aber…
    3.a) Einmal erstellte Ausgaben lassen sich nicht nachträglich auf mehrere Tage aufteilen
    3.b) Aufgeteilte Ausgaben hängen nicht mehr zusammen sobald man sie speichert, heißt man muss jede einzeln ändern, sollte man sich z.B. verschrieben haben.

Wie gesagt nur ein paar Dinge die mir aufgefallen sind und die sich sicher gut in der App machen würden.

Now English:
Some comments about your otherwise brilliant app

  1. Sharing between persons in the group 50/50 and should not be limited to equal payment rather add the possibility of unequal shares (eg. 70/30).
  2. Overview over the trips as the starting screen of the app because “back” leaves the app.
    3.a) Once saved expences cannot be changed to “spread over time”
    3.b) Once saved expences over time aren’t connected, so that you have to change each one separately.

Dear Naolin,

Thank you very much for your detailed feedback! :blush:
Some of the points you mention have been brought up by others as well. I’ve added them all to my backlog of feature requests and will hopefully implement them at some point soon. :+1:

Vielen Dank :wink:

Hi Jonas,
I recently tried your app and I do like it and I use it for professional purpose, however, could you eventually please add a income function?
Like a function that allows you to get an income on the budget? Maybe it’s already on the app and I haven’t seen it.

Hi, you can actually add negative amounts to add income. I’m planning to improve this functionality in the future. :slight_smile:

Hi … firstly l think this is a brilliant App. I am doing a 3 month trip through Eastern Europe. Just wish l had it last year when l travelled for 18 months.
Anyway when l set it up I had no idea what my budget would be taking into account all expenses … how do l change the budget amount?

Hi Christine, I’m very happy you like TravelSpend! :hugs:
Changing your budget is actually easy. Just tap on your trip name in the top and then tap ‘Edit’ in the 3-dot-menu of your trip.


Thank you much for developing this app. It is so useful!

I wanted to ask how to delete a budget trip on the iOS app? My partner can delete her own trips on the androids app version. Thanks so much!

Hi, if it’s your trip you can tap on it and then tap “Delete” in the bottom. If the trip was shared with you you can’t delete it at the moment.

Great! Thank you much and thanks again for creating this amazing application!

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Hello Jonas,

The app you made is really cool. It is helping a lot of people around the world to manage their travelling expenses. So great job!
But of course as everything is not perfect.
I can see that a lot of people posted a lot of suggestions for improvements and upgrades. I suggested a few things myself.
(how cool is it to have other people helping you to come up with really cool features to make this app the best on the market?! it is like a free creative team on board, isn’t it?)
I’m sure that some of them are difficult to do, some are a bit too much but probably a lot are really great.
But somehow I feel like there is not much happening in terms of implementing any changes/updates.
Apology if I’m wrong and missed some updates!!
I have the premium account and as a paid account i would expect a little bit more frequent improvements tbh.
I do understand that the free version is not something you make much money on but can you do at least a little bit more for the premium accounts?
I’m sorry if i sound harsh but I really do want your app to be the best on the market as all of us will benefit from that! thanks in advance!

Hi Diuleka,

Thanks for your kind post! :slightly_smiling_face:I’m indeed super happy that so many people like and use TravelSpend around the world. That’s extremely rewarding and motivates me a lot! :blush:

In the past I’ve balanced my work on TravelSpend with freelance work for clients as TravelSpend doesn’t make enough money for me to live off of it. But since the beginning of May I’ve actually been working on TravelSpend full-time. It’s still not making enough money really but I want to invest my time in it as I believe it will grow further in the future. It’s a lot of work as I’m maintaining both the iOS and the Android app (and the backend) all by myself and have to do a lot of customer support as well. Nevertheless, I’m trying to add new features on Android and iOS as frequently as possible.

Also, I have some good news for you :wink::
I have actually released a new update for the Android app yesterday (v1.6.0). It’s currently only available in the public beta channel because I’d like to make sure it’s really stable before I release it to everyone. But if you’d like to to try it out already you can just join the beta channel here:
This update brings quite a big new feature: you can now link places to expenses and then see all your expenses on a map. This has been requested by many users and I think it’s really useful. Have a look and let me know your thoughts. :slight_smile:

This is what it looks like:

Thanks again for your kind and honest message. I hope I was able to give you a satisfying answer. You can be sure that I will continue to add features for both the Android and the iOS app. I’m also planning to be more transparent about my roadmap here in the forum and show what I’m currently working on.

Hi Jonas,

Thank you for such a great app! I just bought a subscription and during my current vacation faced with one annoying restriction - as a user I want to be able to duplicate a record. For instance, we with my wife have paid for tickets for a bus, each with own paypass card. So we have two expenses for 1.70£ paid from each payment card. There is no possibility to do this within one record so I used to create two ones for the same purpose but different payer.

As a bonus feature it would be great to have a dark theme for the app. Recently Google Keep got a dark theme and it looks very good.


Hi Dmytro,

sorry for the super late reply :see_no_evil:Thank you for your feedback!
I’m planning to implement some kind of cost splitting functionality soon. This will probably don what you need then.
And yes at some point I’ll probably add a dark theme too. :slight_smile:

Best regards,

It looks like when I create a custom category it becomes a subcategory under “Other” on the chart that appears under “Statistics”. Are we able to create our own subcategories?

For example, can I do something like:

— Liquor



Why some categories appear as (others) on the statistics chart? Any way to change that to display all categories on the chart?

Hi there, categories are grouped in “Other” if they make up less than 5%of your total spend. The app only does this to not clutter the pie chart too much and keep it simple. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I have been using the app through my trip in south america and about 2-3 days ago, after i changed my phone’s language to portuguese and then back to english, my categories remained in portuguese.
Everything else is in english.
Is there any way to fix this?

Hi, I think we can help you with this. Can you please contact us using the in-app chat?

When exporting to csv I can’t see any indication if a transaction is an income or expense. Is it possible to enable that somehow?