New feature: Link places to expenses & map view 🗺 (on Android)


Great news! :partying_face: I’ve finally implemented a new feature that many of you have requested.

You can now link places (coordinates, an address or a specific place, e.g. a restaurant) to your expenses. Then your expenses will be displayed on a map and you’ll be able to see how much you’ve spent in what region.

This is what it looks like:

I’ve released this version (1.6.0) to the public beta channel and I’ll roll it out to everyone over the coming week. If you want to try it right away you can just join the beta channel here:

I hope you like this and I’m looking forward to your feedback. :slightly_smiling_face:



Jonas, awesome job for the new feature of adding the location. I think it will be very useful.
I personally don’t always want to add a location for every single spend i do. So now whenever I’m adding an expense, i have to delete the randomly added location so it doesn’t show the wrong places. Right now the location is added by default rather than me needing to chose one should I want one. Is it possible to change it around so by default there is no location and you need to add click the plus to add it?
I think making it add it automatically, is worse than not adding it as it is inaccurate plus you don’t always need to say where you bought a toilet paper (as an example).

Also the button to delete the location is right above the tick box to finish adding the expense and often it’s hard to hit the x and I’m hitting the check box instead
See attached image