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New feature: Link places to expenses & map view 🗺 (on Android) (3)

Great news! :partying_face: I’ve finally implemented a new feature that many of you have requested. You can now link places (coordinates, an address or a specific place, e.g. a restaurant) to your expenses. Then your ex…

New feature: Attach photos 📸 (on Android) (3)

I’ve released another big update for the TravelSpend Android app. :tada: You can now attach photos to your expenses. :camera_flash: As always I’ve first released this version (1.6.4) to the public beta channel and I’ll…

Sneak peak: New product for comparing travel costs ✨ (2)

Dear TravelSpenders, recently I’ve started to work on a shiny new travel product :sparkles: together with my girlfriend Ina. :woman_technologist: We’re very excited about it and we’d like to give you a small sneak peak …

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