TravelSpend for iOS 🍏

A question I get frequently: β€œIs TravelSpend available on iOS?”

TL;DR: :soon:

Initially I had never planned to build an iOS app for TravelSpend. I have a lot of experience with Android development but I’ve never built anything for iOS. Therefore I thought the effort of building an app for this platform would be very time consuming and hard to justify. However, the more I thought about how I can grow TravelSpend the more it became clear that I needed an iOS app, too. So I just gave it a try and it turns out getting into iOS development isn’t all that difficult as an Android developer. :nerd_face:

Long story short: I’m currently working on the TravelSpend iOS app and I hope to release it in the coming weeks.

Here are some screenshots of the app in development :sparkles::

TravelSpend for iOS is finally here and I think it looks great! :tada::blush:

Check it out on the App Store: