Sneak peak: New product for comparing travel costs ✨

Dear TravelSpenders,

recently I’ve started to work on a shiny new travel product :sparkles: together with my girlfriend Ina. :woman_technologist: We’re very excited about it and we’d like to give you a small sneak peak of what we’re building. :blush:

We’re using statistical data from TravelSpend to build a new website that gives travel inspiration and helps with travel planning. It will show average daily travel costs for many different countries and lots of other useful travel information. Our plan is to build a powerful tool for travelers that helps you find and compare great travel destinations. We travel a lot ourselves and we’re always looking for interesting new destinations. That’s why we think it’d be very helpful to have a tool like this to be able to compare travel costs in different destinations.

This is what our prototype currently looks like:

We’re are super curious about your feedback. :slightly_smiling_face: What are your thoughts on this? Could it be useful for you too? What information should be on there? What features would you expect from this?